Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Modern medicine refers for the term “erectile dysfunction” (ED) to disorders associated with partial or complete loss of ability to carry out sexual intercourse. Previously, this sexual frustration was called “impotence”, it was customary to refer to natural age (together with this psychological and physiological) changes in body.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (“impotence”) can be made only for men who have more than 25% of sexual intercourses were unsuccessful. Often, in physical abnormalities presence, libido in these patients is preserved, which creates additional psychological problems. Modern medicine has reached such a level of its development, thanks to which diagnosis allows us to identify erectile dysfunction (impotence) in early stages and select adequate prevention. It gives high chance of restoring male sexual capabilities after undergoing special therapy.Erectile Dysfunction-Causes and Symptoms

Premature Ejaculation: Main Aspects

Twenty years ago, premature ejaculation definition had very clear parameters: everything that lasted less than two minutes automatically made you a man with sexual problems. A little later, attitude towards premature ejaculation changed – now it is understood as condition in which ejaculation occurs either before sexual intercourse onset, or immediately after its onset.

This is the “number one” problem for many men, and, as a rule, failures associated with premature ejaculation are then reflected into the whole sphere of intimate life.

Premature Ejaculation Causes

In the vast majority, premature ejaculation occurs in adolescents who are just beginning their sexual life. It may happen because of:

  • overexcitation;
  • high sensitivity of penile glans.

Therefore ejaculation very often occurs either before penis introduction into vagina, or after just a few movements. Most often this quickly passes when you gain experience of sexual life, but it can persist for a long time, especially in case of psychological stress from failing.

Less common premature ejaculation occurs in mature men. Premature ejaculation can keep from youth or appear already at respectable age. This disorder is usually caused by quite different reasons.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Bicycling and Impotence

Is there any connection of erectile function and cycling? May erectile dysfunction and impotence be caused by cycling? Let’s try to answer these questions and grapple with these questions. Canadian Health&Care Mall is going to make you aware of the cycling influence on male sexual function.

Intensity and Quantity of Physical Loadings while Cycling

Exactly these two key figures are important in identification of cycling influence on erectile function. Unhurried bicycling and professional bicycle racing have different influence on impotence.

Professional bicycle racing demands regular many hours long workouts and distance lasts for hundreds of kilometers. Moreover there are various kind of professional bicycle racing closely connecting with high risk of male genitalia during racing and loadings.


Bicycle Racing and Impotence

There are questions concerning the aspect how bicycling may become a cause of erectile dysfunction? Bicycling for a long time presses the tissues on pelvic area as a result the correct blood flow. In such a case the speed plays secondary role when on the first plays is taken hours spending on the bicycle. At hours-long distances the connection with saddle causes numbness of pelvic area and blood flow does not revive for a long time after such a great loading.
At occupations by extreme sports the probability of genitals injuries as a result of blows, the wrong landings to saddle and falling on frame is high.
At short cycling races opposite influence of the bicycle on man’s health is observed. During walk contact with a saddle lasts long insufficiently to do harm to genitals. At the same time during rotation of pedals blood circulation in basin improves, and contact with sitting in influence is similar to massage of inguinal area.

Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that if you come across with erectile dysfunction you should visit a doctor and find the necessary treatment on our website.

How to Prevent Negative Influence on Erectile Function

Some experts researching problems and influences of the bicycle on man’s health, consider that the great value is played by a saddle form, its elasticity and existence of good shock-absorbers.

Not so long ago special sitting has been developed for men. Its form considers all anatomic features of a man’s organism and helps to minimize negative impact on genitals. In this sitting completely there is no nose, and body weight is supported by coxofemoral bones. The same there are models with an opening in that place where the saddle contacts to a prostate gland.

There are various methods to make bicycling more comfortable. Modern innovations ease our life considerable creating new methods to make us enjoy the life.

Impotence Is a Real Problem for Men

Erectile dysfunction is something that affects almost all men at some point of time. This is a medical condition in which the men are unable to achieve an erection or sustain it long enough for proper sexual intercourse.

Impotence, as it is commonly known, is often embarrassing for the men and, as a result, ignored. However, that should not be the case. ED is a part of the natural aging process but it can be rectified. There are various reasons why men can suffer from this condition other than aging.

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease

In order to get rid of the condition, a variety of treatment options are now available. Oral medications are a popular choice and they can be bought from Canadian Health&Care Mall. Lifestyle changes will also be necessary.

Causes of ED

Erectile dysfunction and Couples

For men in relationships, erectile dysfunction can affect the partner as well. The couple may start struggling with sexual issues with affects the relationship. It is important that the couple beings to work together and develop a solution that works. The patients should explain the problem to their partners so that they can understand. A visit to a sex therapist should be arranged so that the couple can help each other overcome the problem.

The State Of Men Suffering From ED

A man who experiences erectile issues is likely to suffer from low self-esteem. Quite mistakenly, they believe that they have lost their masculinity. These men are not only going to suffer from a lack of confidence but also stress which adds to the problem. Instead, men should acknowledge their ED problem properly and get help from the right places.

The first thing that the patients should do is consult a doctor. After all, the doctor will be able to suggest the proper treatment for the condition. If the doctor deems it okay, you may be prescribed a dosage of oral medications like Viagra or Cialis from Canadian Health&Care Mall. If not, then there are other treatments like pumps and penile prostheses.

Happy union

TV Shows and Impotence

Due to the commonness of ED problem, many people have discussed this issue on TV shows. Some episodes of popular TV shows have highlighted the issue of impotence. Some of them have even examined the problems faced by men suffering from this medical condition. Here are some of the ways impotence has been highlighted through TV shows.

  • There are educational shows on medicine and sex which have discussed the various treatment options available these days for ED.
  • Some TV shows deal with food and the importance of a proper diet. Following healthy diets and a healthy lifestyle can lead to improvements in the treatment of impotence.
  • There are also shows on relationships that have shown how a couple can get affected by this medical condition. These shows discuss how a couple can overcome this problem together leading to a happy union.

There are also other ways by which TV shows mirror real life in discussing erectile dysfunction problems.

Can Depression Be the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms? When to Use Viagra, Canadian Health&Care Mall Explains

The medical researchers and Canadian Health&Care Mall have started paying more attention to somatoform disorders, which are the physical diseases originating from psychological causes like depression. It must not come as a shock that a sexual disorder too might have psychological reasons behind it. So what are some of the common symptoms of depression that may help you recognize it?

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Losing interest in most things (Apathy)
  • Change in appetite
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Fatigue

Any victim of depression knows how drowsy and reluctant it can make you. It isn’t something which you can just pull yourself off from. Without treatment, depression can last for indefinite period of time. To get back on track, appropriate treatment is imperative.

Can depression be diagnosed?

People usually wonder if the correct diagnosis of a mental issue feasible? Not with complete accuracy, however, if the pattern is recognized a medical practitioner will have no trouble in diagnosing it correctly. Be honest while answering questions to your doctor, even though he might have a long list of questions for you but those are meant for your own well-being. Depression should not be interpreted as some kind of personal weakness, don’t suffer from it as it can manifest as a physical illness in time that may indeed be a sexual illness.

Depression - Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

What else awaits you in a depression therapy session?

Talk therapy is often used to help you come out of your depression. A licensed expert or mental care professional talks to you and helps you identify the real cause of depression.

When to use Viagra?

Viagra has become synonymous with ED treatment nowadays. On detecting this problem, and not benefiting from the natural treatments like quitting smoking and working on psychological issues, the best advice is to turn to drug treatment which helps restore blood flow to the penis. Taking Viagra every night is much more effective then consuming it only when you feel like it. Only by regular intake can help you attain normal erections.

Canadian Health&Care Mall further explains that, Viagra works on the endothelial cells, these cells line the walls of the blood vessels. The erection occurs only when the blood vessels in the penis are dilated and the blood fills it.

In an experiment done over 76 men, the first group was asked to take Viagra every day before sleeping, the second group was given Viagra only before sexual intercourse and the third group received no treatment at all. In course of a few months it was observed that the blood flow in the first group, who were taking Viagra improved significantly. They began to experience fully cured erection. The second group showed only a small development in the blood flow to penis, and the condition of the third group worsened.

It may come as a surprise, but erections are actually good for mental health, and they are good for the penis as well. Canadian Health&Care Mall supports that medication for erection can in fact improve the overall health of a man.