Canadian Health&Care Mall about Bicycling and Impotence

Is there any connection of erectile function and cycling? May erectile dysfunction and impotence be caused by cycling? Let’s try to answer these questions and grapple with these questions. Canadian Health&Care Mall is going to make you aware of the cycling influence on male sexual function.

Intensity and Quantity of Physical Loadings while Cycling

Exactly these two key figures are important in identification of cycling influence on erectile function. Unhurried bicycling and professional bicycle racing have different influence on impotence.

Professional bicycle racing demands regular many hours long workouts and distance lasts for hundreds of kilometers. Moreover there are various kind of professional bicycle racing closely connecting with high risk of male genitalia during racing and loadings.


Bicycle Racing and Impotence

There are questions concerning the aspect how bicycling may become a cause of erectile dysfunction? Bicycling for a long time presses the tissues on pelvic area as a result the correct blood flow. In such a case the speed plays secondary role when on the first plays is taken hours spending on the bicycle. At hours-long distances the connection with saddle causes numbness of pelvic area and blood flow does not revive for a long time after such a great loading.
At occupations by extreme sports the probability of genitals injuries as a result of blows, the wrong landings to saddle and falling on frame is high.
At short cycling races opposite influence of the bicycle on man’s health is observed. During walk contact with a saddle lasts long insufficiently to do harm to genitals. At the same time during rotation of pedals blood circulation in basin improves, and contact with sitting in influence is similar to massage of inguinal area.

Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that if you come across with erectile dysfunction you should visit a doctor and find the necessary treatment on our website.

How to Prevent Negative Influence on Erectile Function

Some experts researching problems and influences of the bicycle on man’s health, consider that the great value is played by a saddle form, its elasticity and existence of good shock-absorbers.

Not so long ago special sitting has been developed for men. Its form considers all anatomic features of a man’s organism and helps to minimize negative impact on genitals. In this sitting completely there is no nose, and body weight is supported by coxofemoral bones. The same there are models with an opening in that place where the saddle contacts to a prostate gland.

There are various methods to make bicycling more comfortable. Modern innovations ease our life considerable creating new methods to make us enjoy the life.

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