CryoProbe VeterinaryCryosurgery has in many ways exceeded the effectveness of alternative cure methods since its establishment to the veterinary medicine as an effective supplement in the eliminating of unwanted cellular sample. Regulated cryosurgery is particularly fittable as intra and post-operative concerns such as hemorrhage, infection and suture removal are minimal to nonentitative.

The CryoProbe is a most promoted, little, portable, hand-taken cryosurgical tool that suggests unparalleled freezing power associated with complete strictness so the veterinarian can identify clearly only the sample he desires to cure.

There is a broad application for its usage in veterinary medicine: Download PDF Document

Canine and feline:

Warts, Skin tags, fibromas, skin tumors, perianal adenomas, perianal fistulas, tarsal shield gland tumors, tumors of the mouth, eyelid tumors, papillomas, eosinophillic granuloma.


Skin tumors, sarcoids, eyelid tumors.


Papillomatosis of the mouth, eyes, skin and cloaca; facial tumors, uropygial tumors, tumor of the toes.


Adrenal hyperplasia or neoplasia, cystic adenoma.

The CryoProbe is a wonderful worth as it is support free, does not demand anesthesia or prolonging care and becomes a cause of minimal to no discomfort for the un-anesthetized patient. The tool is absolutely patient and physician gently.