Freezing Power

Freezing PowerThe CryoProbe has an incogitable, ‘never witnessed before’ amplitude of freezing power due to the straight extension on the skin of the liquid nitrous oxide gas under the huge pressure of 725 psi from economical, not reusable cartridges.

The matchable flow of energy delivers arranged, optimum freezing temperature of -127 degrees F and associated with the huge pressure it will perfect the permeating in the lesion. With a permeating rate of ca. 1millimeter per 5 seconds, treatment time span is decreased to seconds only.

The cheap, ready –to-utilization cartridges will supply 2 minutes of prolonging cure  time with the very petty applicator. One cartridge can be utilized to cure multifold lesions on one patient or multifold patients being dependent on the type of lesion.

The empaled cartridge within the CryoProbe will not volatilize like liquid nitrogen and can be utilized on another patient as the stream of refrigerant can be discontinued at any time and the remaining nitrous oxide will be kept.

The complex of the hand taken CryoProbe and small-sized, not reusable cartridges transforms it into easy form for the physician to deliver the device to nursing homes, hospitals and other office locations.

The complex of precise, freezing power and ultra cold creates the CryoProbe very fittable for curing plantar warts and molluscum contagiosum.

The physician has the tool now to thread the skin splitting at a congruous freezing temperature with no energy loss. The CryoProbe creates him under control of the application and will accelerate the treatment time.