Dr. John Hahn“I bought the CryoProbe almost two years ago and searched it to be a very genuine and accurate tool for the removal of benign skin lesions. While the CryoProbe is correct to the millimeter utilizing the 40 micron applicator, the larger skin lesions are simply cured with the 80 micron tip. In addition, I have understood anesthesia is absolutely unrequired, even for my pediatric patients and there is as a matter of fact no post-operative since the epidermis is still scatheless when utilizing the CryoProbe.

I would highly advise the CryoProbe to any practitioner who is at the present moment curing or would like to cure skin lesions in their office ”

Dr. John Hahn, Trinity Family Medical Clinic

Dr. Gary Dockery “Cryotherapy is the appriciated approach of eliminating molluscum contagiosum in most patients. I appriciate the usage of the CryoProbe unit for these benign skin lesions once one has established the diagnosis of this cure procedure is less of pain and efficient for most patients. Being dependent upon the thickness of the lesion, two freeze cycles of 20 seconds are usually demanded. The lesions may blister slightly and then fall off in a few days to a week. If any lesions is still present, one may apply this procedure one more time. Two treatment receptions are typically obligatory. One may also utilize liquid nitrogen, either the spray or the dipstick approach. Nevertheless, this modality is more acheful. It is also general to observe residual pigmentary alterations following the elimination of molluscum contagiosum with liquid nitrogen and the discolorment may be still for the many months proceeding the curing.”

From article Dermatology Diagnosis: Treating a child with multiple, mildy pruritic papules, by Dr. Gary Dockery