The CryoProbe is a good of close cooperation between H&O Equipments N.V, an European producers, and main delegates of the medical profession. The outcomes is a cryosystem of highest possible technical capacity associated with overriding standards of adjustability, performing innocence and security.

  • Petty Strctness to 1mm with no delays of healthy samplebenefits
  • Controlled Nitrous Oxide at 725 psi for inimitable freezing power-penetration depth for heart of lesion and fast dissolution of benign lesions
  • Portable, compact and available -no filter boxes to pour, no effluvium of liquid nitrogen, just small and price efficinet cartridges with an unconstricted shelf life.
  • Little to no patient discomfort and well taken by children of warts, mollusculum contagiosum and poro keratosis.
  • Easy to utilize, short learning curve
  • No complicated pre-or post treatment care-no anesthesia demanded
  • No scarring, minimal surface trauma
  • Fast curing of benign skin lesions