Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Modern medicine refers for the term “erectile dysfunction” (ED) to disorders associated with partial or complete loss of ability to carry out sexual intercourse. Previously, this sexual frustration was called “impotence”, it was customary to refer to natural age (together with this psychological and physiological) changes in body.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (“impotence”) can be made only for men who have more than 25% of sexual intercourses were unsuccessful. Often, in physical abnormalities presence, libido in these patients is preserved, which creates additional psychological problems. Modern medicine has reached such a level of its development, thanks to which diagnosis allows us to identify erectile dysfunction (impotence) in early stages and select adequate prevention. It gives high chance of restoring male sexual capabilities after undergoing special therapy.Erectile Dysfunction-Causes and Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Initial erectile dysfunction manifestations can be observed in more than 30% of the stronger sex at the age of 18-59 years.

The first erectile dysfunction symptoms in men are expressed in the following way:

  1. Lack of erection. The first symptom of impotence (erectile dysfunction) can be lack of not only adequate, but also spontaneous morning and night erection. In cases when there is no adequate erection, but still spontaneous, it is more likely to be said that impotence is psychological. With simultaneous violation of both adequate and spontaneous erectile function, specialists diagnose organic erectile dysfunction.
  2. Weak erection. One of the important symptoms of erectile dysfunction is reduction in rigidity and frequency of erection appearance. Also, this group includes insufficient penile hardness during sexual intercourse. In this case, impotence can be sign of vascular, neurogenic, hormonal and other organic disorders, it appears more rarely due to psychological problems.
  3. Inability to maintain erection. One of the first manifestations of erectile dysfunction (impotence) is premature ejaculation – uncontrolled ejaculation of seminal fluid that occurs immediately at the very beginning of sexual intercourse or even before it. The cause of this sexual dysfunction is of organic nature and, as a rule, this symptom is associated with vascular disorders. Premature ejaculation in case of psychogenic impotence is quite rare.

Despite widespread prevalence of organic erectile dysfunction causes, experts found that in 9 out of 10 cases, sexual disorders appear on the background of unfavorable psychological factors. If a man has noticed at least one of the above mentioned manifestations, he should consult doctor as soon as possible, identify causes of disease and choose erectile dysfunction treatment and prevention methods .

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