Description of CryoProbe

CryoProbeThe CryoProbe is the most ground-breaking technological promotion in cryosurgery on the market nowadays. This pen-like tool brings a fine petty spray of liquid nitrous oxide at a regular temperature of minus-127 degrees of F under 725 psi of pressure to the sample with precision strictness.

It is the complex of ultra cold, strictness and pressure that creates this device so efficient and dissimilar from all other systems.

The CryoProbe is a indiscrete, portable device which utilizes small, cheap disposable cartridges (0.3 oz) of nitrous oxide to simply bring rapid efficient curing. One cartridge can be utilized to heal multfold lesions on a patient. The size of the probe and the not reusable cartridges transfigure it very simple to deliver the tool to nursing homes, hospitals, other office areas or from room-to room.

The CryoProbe is created utilizing the latest breakthroughs in micro-technology which makes the device embrace the nitrogen with direct, petty exactness onto a lesion through very fine micro – correcting units. The doctor will be capable to cure skin injuries precise to the millimeter, the opportunity of damaging normal healthy sample adopted is minimized. This is the best convenience for curing procedure of facial lesions, condyloma (genital warts) and all other small sized, benign skin lesions.

The CryoProbe is a wonderful worth because it is support free, does not demand anesthesia or follow up cares, accelerate the operation time and becomes a cause of minimal to no discomfort for the un-anesthetized patient.