Accuracy of CryoProbe

Cryosurgical capabilityCryosurgical capacity is susceptible upon and constricted to the profile of the technical tools accessible. Because of engineering promotions and breakthrough in micro-technology, the speedy and adequate applicability of extreme cold has been created feasible.

The CryoProbe is created utilizing delicate micro-applicator technique and is proved the most significant improvement in cryosurgery in the last decade.

Two various micro-applicators are provided with the CryoProbe and let the physician petty only the sample he or she desires to cure, precise to the millimeter.

This improves patient comfort as the petty strictness will preclude the unbridled applicability of the heat exchanger to the healthy sample.

The very fine and medium size applicator assure that curing can be operated on small and larger area’s. There is no demand for various size cones, spray tips, cotton swabs, or not reusable buds.

The usage of micro-applicators makes the CryoProbe the favoured cryosurgical instrument for curing of facial lesions, genital warts and other small sized, benign skin lesions such as skin tags, sun and age spots.