Canadian Health&Care Mall: Why to Attend the Doctor in Case of Depression?

Nowadays we are so busy, eternally we are running somewhere. We are too busy, even to pay attention to the health. Sometimes it leads to serious violations for which nobody waited. Not all diagnoses are possible to be treated independently, some of them need to be entrusted the expert. Does depression concern to them? Will depression treatment in house conditions do good? We will try to understand.

About the Diagnosis

The depression is a mental disorder which is characterized by the lowered tone suppressed by mood, apathy, slackness. At the moment this disease is considered the most widespread among other mental disorders. Statistically, this disease about 20% of adults and about 5% of children damage in the developed countries of the world.

Symptoms of disease can be divided into three groups:

  1. Emotional symptoms (melancholy, the suppressed mood, irritability, discontent with and sense of guilt, loss of interest in life and enjoyment from usual pleasures, at deep depression – ability loss in general to experience emotional states).
  2. Physiological symptoms (sleep disorders, loss of sexual desire, violation of vermicular movement of intestines, heartache, stomach, muscular pains, loss of appetite or on the contrary, excessive appetite).
  3. Behavioural symptoms (refusal of contacts with people and entertainments, apathy, passivity, reduced attention and speed of thinking, pessimism, negative ideas of the world in general).


Etiologies: Several Reasons for Visit to the Doctor

There is several groups of the reasons causing depression:

  • Social reasons. The accelerated life rhythm, the competition in society, social instability, glossy ideals of success are considered to be the social reasons of depression development. All these together cultivate certain criteria of success into which only some favorites have the right to be suitable. And at ordinary people inability to achieve such results generates feeling of constant dissatisfaction or depression.
  • Psychological reasons. It is possible to distinguish from them adverse thinking (habit of the person is to notice only negative sides in life, and in people), stresses (the conflicts, divorces, alcoholization of family members, death of relatives), social isolation.
  • Biological reasons. Sometimes violation of neuromediators exchange is the reason of depression (serotonin, noradrenaline, acetylcholine and others). Also the depression can arise as a collateral symptom at other serious diseases.

In the third point there are also reasons for visit to the doctor. Without being an expert, the person can’t precisely define what has caused depression development in this case.

It is clear, that stress arises in life among us and “standards of society” press. But how to be sure that in your case also the biological reason wasn’t added here? In this case, attempts to cure depression independently, at best, just won’t lead to anything, and in the worst – can aggravate situation.
So, at least high-quality medical diagnostics is necessary surely. And how to treat disease will depend on etiologies and severity of symptoms. Canadian Health Care Mall knows how dangerous it is to do in a lackadaisical manner to take under control your depression condition.

What Methods Will Approach?

Drug treatment at depression (as a rule, it is antidepressants – Wellbutrin sr ordered via Canadian Health Care Mall is usually appointed only in difficult cases, and for short term. Preparations of the last generation, though don’t cause accustoming, but nevertheless have a number of side effects. If the condition of the patient is considered to be not so severe, it is better to avoid medicines’ reception.

Anyway, drugs only allow to facilitate depression symptoms, but don’t remove its cause. To cure depression completely, the qualitative help of the psychotherapist is required. The expert can use various methods (psychodynamic therapy, behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy) to help the patient to eliminate depression conditions. Generally the result is achieved because the psychotherapist trains the patient in methods of effective fight against stress and its consequences, helps to create new, more positive “outlook upon life”. The majority of the reasons of depression are in our own head, in our thoughts, installations, thinking templates.

depression treatment

Independent Treatment

If you are sure that your state is not so severe, and have resolved to do without the help of experts, you remember that for high-quality treatment of any neurotic state it is necessary to carry out several tasks:

Task 1. To Learn to Weaken and Switch Mind

It is the key moment. Without it all your soothing grasses can be poured out safely in a kitchen sink. For performance of this task meditations will be suitable (for believers – a prayer). In the period of depression, thoughts go around as circus horses, and all about same – everything is bad, life wasn’t successful, there is a wish for nothing. Your task is at first to learn to clear the mind of these negative images, and further – to fill it with positive, joyful pictures. Not each person (especially in condition of depression) will master this task independently. Try to address to groups of supporters (for example, group occupations by yoga), or after all address the psychotherapist.

Task 2. To learn to relax a body

At the time of stress, the human body feels super mobilization: breath, heartbeat becomes frequent, muscles strain. An antipode of this state is full relaxation. If you have no skills of relaxation then the organism “includes” its own option of relaxation, only it will hardly be pleasant to you. It is also depression – apathy, slackness, weakness. Actually, you have caught depression just because weren’t able to relax independently, here the organism also includes “emergency operation of rest”. Therefore, extremely important task is to learn to relax a body. There is a set of methods – methods of respiratory and muscular relaxation, the calming massages and bathtubs, Spa procedure. Choose on the taste, but you remember that you need to reach full relaxation of a body as a result: quiet breath, equal heartbeat, muscles are completely weakened.

Task 3. Physical help to the body

It includes a set of subparagraphs:

  • moderate physical activities (at the same time endorphins are produced so good mood is provided;
  • healthy nutrition (has to include all vitamins and minerals, necessary for work of nervous system) and the sufficient use of water (it washes away toxins which excess causes depressive symptoms as well);
  • exception of harmful substances (alcohol, smoking, strong coffee and etc.);
  • optimization of day regimen (to go to bed not later than 22 h, dream duration not less than 9 h, at sleeplessness use soothing collecting or special preparations on doctor’s prescriptions ordered via Canadian Health Care Mall);
  • obligatory daily walks in the fresh air;
  • at a constant stress or improper feeding – it is obligatory to add vitamins to a diet, it is desirable special complexes with a mark “anti-stress”;
    application of medicinal herbs and use of aromatic oils if necessary (at depression symptoms toning herbs are required, at stress and excitement – soothing collecting);
  • in time to treat any arising diseases, from herpes to arrhythmia since any disease automatically weakens an organism, and first of all – nervous system.

Carrying out these tasks, it is possible to prevent the lion’s share of neurotic violations, and even to leave already available depression (if it is at an initial stage). But at heavy depression, these measures can be insufficiently. In this case, it is necessary to address experts.

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