Safety Rules to Observe when Using Online Pharmacy

With development of Internet technologies people no longer need to go around a lot of pharmacies to find necessary medication. Now you can just visit online pharmacy website, study catalogue of medicines, make online order and get necessary medication in the nearest pharmacy.

Internet pharmacy is a program that allows you to place information on company and range of products offered, to issue online order for necessary medication. With the help of online catalogue, buyer will be able to choose necessary drugs at affordable price.

online pharmacy safety rules
In online pharmacy in a wide assortment there offered different medications. In these networks, the buyer can always get a professional consultation and order products of high quality. As an example of such pharmacy let’s consider Canadian Health and Care Mall.

In information catalogue on its website you can find all necessary names of medicines (main specialization – erectile dysfunction treatment), multivitamins, supplements, various tools and means to care after sick people. Canadian Health&Care Mall online pharmacy also allows to order modern cosmetics, hair and skin care products, herbal teas and others. Using search box customer can independently enter name of the product, find out price and read instructions for use, place online order with contact information and address.

In wide catalogue of this canadian online pharmacy there are also products for health and beauty, vitamins and minerals, cosmetics for care from trusted manufacturers.

Advantages of online pharmacies include:

  • high quality of products. All products are certified and undergo appropriate control before going on the market;
  • ease of online ordering. Now, clients do not have to run around pharmacies to find proper medication;
  • background information on each preparation;
  • fast delivery to nearest pharmacy to the house;
  • free professional advice of pharmacists;
  • service for retail and wholesale customers;
  • low competitive prices.

Through direct cooperation with manufacturers, online pharmacy can ensure no counterfeit medicines and sell goods at low price. Partners are numerous enterprises, allowing to purchase goods from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers with minimal margin.

But there are some difficulties arise when trying to find best online pharmacy to be sure about products quality and reliability of the company you cooperating with. Besides, if you try to buy prescription drugs in online pharmacy without scripts and succeed in it, be completely sure that this drugstore runs its activity illegaly, as prescription drugs may only be obtained in regular pharmacies on rx.


If you decided to buy medicines through the Internet, then you should get acquainted with safety rules designed for online pharmacies customers by Food and Drug Administration.

Most often, online pharmacies in Canada sell authorized and audited preparations and medical products. But at the same time there is a risk to buy fake, substandard drugs that can harm your health.

Internet Pharmacies – Safety Rules

  1. Do not buy drugs, if website does not give possibility to consult professional pharmacist.
  2. Website has no phone number and address for communication.
  3. Online pharmacy sells prescription drugs with no prior prescription.
  4. Online pharmacy website offers «wonderful», «newest», «revolutionary» drugs that quickly treat serious illnesses and have a lot of indications.
  5. They publish articles by some «experts», who advise to buy these drugs.
  6. In instructions to preparations there are used phrases: «secret formula», «100% natural», «old, forgotten recipe», «anti-aging», «exclusive product».
  7. Website publishes stories of «miraculous healing» from serious diseases by means of proposed drug.
  8. It is said that this drug (any) is completely safe for everyone.
  9. They state that any medicine can only be bought in this online pharmacy, during a short period of time.
  10. Online pharmacy sells diagnostic tests that can diagnose several diseases or conditions, can even identify oncology or diabetes.
  11. Before you make orders in online pharmacy, study their website: read information in «About us», «Contact us» sections; there should be information about organization, contact information, where enterprise is located, registration information.
  12. Online pharmacy website must contain complete information about any medication:
    • drug full name;
    • ingredients and their side effects, dangers of the drug;
    • side effects;
    • indications to reception and the whole range of contraindications;
    • instructions on how to take the drug correctly;
    • how to store the drug properly;
    • manufacturer and its contact details.

If all the above information is present and the price is adequate, you can start ordering. But first, find out conditions of delivery, it is possible that delivery cost will several times exceed drug cost.

online pharmacy safety rulesThere are online canadian pharmacies that deliver medications absolutely free and payment occurs only when receiving the drug.

Before paying for preparation, check its packaging, there should not be any damages. On the box or tube there must be expiry date. Get instructions, information in it must be in English about drug name, dosage, expiry date, side effects, amount of drug, formulation. Also, you must be provided a receipt with the name of the firm, its address, and TIN data, date and time, indicating drug and amount of payment, number of cash register.

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